The Run With George Foundation was created to improve the lives of children across the UK. Here are the stories of the difference your donations have made

Your Donations Bought

4 Heated Care Cots - Cost £25,000

Your donations paid for 4 heated care cots for critically ill babies for Alder Hey Childrens Hospital. This little fellsa is Theo and he is recovering from major heart surrgery in one of the heated cots your donations paid for. He is now a fit and health boy, and hes my little mate!

Sial Endoscope - Cost £20,000

This incredible technology allows these surgeons to remove blockages in the glands in children's necks without the need for an operation , so they can go home the same day and do not have to live with scares on their neck or throat for the rest of their lives. This endoscope was donated to Alder Heys Children's Hospital in June 2018 and is in use right now!

Sensavue - Cost £22,500

This amazing technology has a 32 inch screen and provides distraction to children undergoing traumatic MRI scans. It can be positioned anywhere in the MRI suit to make sure the child is entertained and distracted during what can be a very upsetting and long examination. This was bought with the proceeds of the Alder Hey Run With George Ball in June 2018.

Epilepsy Surgival Equipment - Cost £94,000

This incredible equipment allows the surgeon to stimulate parts of the brain to identify the origin of seizures and safely remove that part. This minimises stress for the patient and family, and dramatically reduces risk in surgery for the child. This was also bought with the proceeds of the Alder Hey Run With the George Ball in June 2018.

Cone Beam Scanner - Cost £22,500

This scanner dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to scan a child in just 20 seconds, and reduces radiation levels by 90%. This scanner provides incredible image quality and helps expert surgeons at Alder Hey to continue to provide world-class diagnosis and treatment to a catchment of over 8 million children across the UK. This was also bought with the provides of the Alder Hey Run With George Ball in June 2018.

Kienevo Robotic Microscope - Cost £450,000

During neurosurgery, surgeons need to magnify a brain tumour to ensure they can see and remove as much of the tumour as they possibly can. This microscope greatly increases accuracy and its probe can bend around tumours to ensure nothing is missed. This is game changing for the neurosurgeons, and also minimises stress for patients and families. This was the final item bought with the proceeds from the Aldery Hey Run With George Ball in June 2018.