My New Challenge - a million steps for The Prince’s Trust

When I started running, I was not very confident. I didn’t think I was very good at anything. Running changed my life and gave me my confidence, and I want to inspire other children to find their confidence, and to show that even though you may be small, you can still make a big difference

The Prince’s Trust are aiming to help and support a million young people to reach their potential over the next 10 years. Me and my team of helpers will be running a million steps to raise vital funds to help them achieve this. That is 500 miles in total. I will be running half a million steps (250 miles) and my team mates will each be running 50,000 steps (25 miles) each. Some of my team mates are -

  • James Mathias - my vice captain, little brother and my inspiration for starting running. James may only have little legs, but he is going to run 50,000 steps!
  • Ben Shephard - Ben is my Lead Ambassador for Run With George. From the first time we met, Ben has become one of my biggest supporters and a great friend. He’s also very good at running!
  • Iwan Thomas MBE - Iwan ran the last mile of my previous campaign with me live on Good Morning Britain. Iwan knows quite a lot about running, having represented Great Britain in the 400m at the Olympic Games. He is also a former European and Commonwealth Champion, so this should be easy for him!
  • Jenni Falconer - television and radio presenter Jenni is a big supporter of The Prince’s Trust. She is also a regular marathon runner, so she is well used to running 25 miles!
  • Giovanna Fletcher - Giovanna has published numerous books and is a regular TV presenter. Her You Tube Channel “Gionannasworld” has had over 17 million views. With 1.2million Instagram followers, I hope we can spread the word of our challenge far and wide!

Watch out for more of my team mates! “

Watch me every step of the way and #RunWithGeorge